Rethymnon, the second in row prefecture of Crete island and to some the most beautiful of them all, with its beautiful capital, Rethymnon Town, is perhaps the most touristic area of Crete. Rethymnon Town as well as its main tourist spots offer a great variety of accommodation units, from hotels, apartments and many traditional and modern villas.

Rethymnon distinguishes itself from the other prefectures by its impressive diverse relief; imposing mountains and low sweeping hills, spectacular gorges, cool caves, fertile valleys and plains, even, gently rolling plateaus and splendid beaches compose a majestic landscape of postcard quality. Here quaint mountain villages, keepers of the authentic Cretan way of life and cosmopolitan resorts coexist in harmony, creating an enchanting contradiction in scenery.

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Wonderful sandy beaches with warm water offering summer sports, umbrellas and sunbeds.

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Swiming, surfing, snorkeling, diving, walking and other more relaxing activities.

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Old churches and monasteries, gorges and canyons, palm forests and traditional villages.

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This magical prefecture of Rethymnon is situated between the Prefecture of Hania (Chania) to the west and the Prefecture of Heralkio to the east where correspondingly the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) and the mountain Idi (also known as Psiloritis) form its natural boundaries. These two mountain peaks are what give the prefecture of Rethymnon a series of features that differentiate it from its equally impressive neighbours. The truly magical locations of Preveli (now burned) and the plateau of Nida in contrast to the gorges of Kourtalioti, Kotsifou and Patsou are rounded off by the valleys of Amariou and Doxarou. There are even three caves one can visit, namely Sfendoni, Ideo Andro and Melidoniou. The prefecture consists of twelve municipalities and its capital is the city of Rethymnon.

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look During our most recent visit in Rethymnon, we stayed in Rethymnon Town for a couple of days. Our evenings proved to be quite exciting as we couldn't get enough of these lovely small bars in the old town. Wonderful drinks and great company.
look Crossing the famous Kourtaliotiko Gorge was not an easy task as we weren't properly prepared. The deep gorge is situated on the road from Koxare to Plakias. The scenery is impressive and this is a "must do" for all nature lovers.